Blue Poppy Publishing

About Blue Poppy Publishing

The imprint was set up in 2016 to publish the “Wise Oak” series of Books by Oliver J. Tooley.

The publishing specialises in fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, YA, and others with a broad age range appeal.

Growth of the brand

It seemed natural to offer the opportunity to other authors to get their books published under the Blue Poppy imprint in order to benefit from mutual experience and promotional efforts. As a result, in 2017 the imprint will be publishing books from three different authors.


Active Role As a Publisher

BPP specialises in Organising an editor, cover design, formatting (ugh formatting!) printing, distribution, ISBN, e-books, Amazon listings, publicity, and all sorts of other little things can take a lot of time and energy that could be spent writing the next book. O.J Tooley gives new and established authors priceless advice and help avoid wasted time. At all times thhe control is of the author, his copyright, his project. Having done this as an author, Olli is painfully aware of the need to generate sales profits to pay for stuff, so he “doesn’t try to profits off the author’s hard work up front”. If a book sells well, everyone does well.


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