Books sent to backers

So each and every one of you who pledged for this book to be published, will be getting his or hers copy in the next week or two.

I have signed all 130 paperback and some Hard Covers, which was a nice experience, doing it with Olli from Blue Poppy Pub hovering in the background and labeling.

To cut on costs we are using non tracked mail, so If for some reason you don’t get your book soon, please get in touch.




Tired hands….                    Look what i found!           Also on Hard Cover !

Limited Giveaway underway!

We have had many entrees to the giveaway we have published on Goodreads of 2 Paperbacks.

If you are among the unlucky who were not picked up for the prize draw, or you can’t wait and anxious to read the Wolf, then you’re in luck as next weekend Amazon will be offering the book free of charge for two days (in return to a review)

Please note that the review must be posted on Goodreads as well as on one of the Amazon websites.

Stay tuned!


Very excited to report that whoever ordered a book (eBook or physical) during the Pre-Order Campaign, has just received his or hers .mobi eBook file.
There’s still time to pre-order in our shop or as stated earlier today on Amazon for Kindle (at a super low promotional rate) – links again:
   Amazon EU / UK  
 Thanks everyone for the overwhelming support – people genuinely have been waiting to read this, which is heartwarming ?

Book publication date 4 Aug 2017 (Available on Amazon!)

Hi all,

So again thanks for your patience!!

If you’ve visited the shop you would have noticed that the eBook is no longer available here, that’s because it shall be out on Kindle on 4th AUG.

The book will be out with a special discount, in an effort to raise interest with the Amazon bots. So if you have pre-ordered in our past campaign and didn’t renew the pledge, for whichever reason, Please if you can get the book now in efforts to get it to a top selling spot on Amazon Kindle.

The paperback is also available to order 
and if you ordered with me on the campaign, you will get your book as soon as BLUE POPPY has finished printing, with my dedication.

Many thanks everyone!

Book Update + PayPal issues resolved

Hi followers,

Two updates:
First, the book came back from my editor, Helen Baggott, and for a first read she has pointed a few important issues that I am currently working on.
Another decision that I’ve taken, after her first review, was to revert to British English. Since the book is coming out via a UK publisher, with only a handful of US re-orders, printing the book in American English seems weird, and renders Brit expressions a bit clicheic.

Second, you might have noticed that PayPal has gone offline for a week+. Well, all issues with PayPal has now been resolved, and we can now accept PayPal payments again.

One more thing – since you all subscribed to my feed on my old publisher’s site, I took the liberty of transferring this approval to this new platform, using the excellent SpecificFeeds to keep you updated. Should anyone have a problem with this, please simply unsubscribe and accept my apologies.

– Jon Dee

PS – don’t forget to Re-order… especially Patrons (I’m still 12 Patrons short of the original list) Thanks and happy holiday!