my Book(s)

Joni Dee is my, Jonathan’s Dital, Pen Name. I have published one book, called “And the Wolf Shall Dwell” which introduces us to John Daniel, a regular Joe who enters – quite by accident – the world of espionage, global intrigues and politics.

John teams up with Adam Grey, a retired MI6 agent who helps him through the labyrinth of the Intelligence Services. As this is meant to kick off a series, they will both appear actively in BOOK II, which I’m currently working on, although this time they are each on their own.

The fist book takes place in London, UK (mostly), my home for the past 7 years. The Second book introduces the darker areas of London (in the East End) and mainly takes place in Paris, a city I’ve grown to love during the years, thanks to my wife’s persistence.

you can now ORDER “And The Wolf Shall Dwell” and soon you could pre-ordering book 2. click on the book below to read the synopsis and download the first two chapters of the novel.


And the Wolf Shall Dwell
(John Daniel Book 1)
  working title:John Daniel Book Two
(in working process)