Great New Reviews of “And the Wolf Shall Dwell”

Great 5 star review from Dianne James – Once Upon A Place

“…I loved this book! It kept me up turning pages. It’s highly topical in today’s political climate and I experienced a range of emotions from anger through to sorrow.

Dee has written with sensitivity and respect where required and has not brushed over things to avoid dealing with them. It is a brave novel in many ways, one that makes you think before passing judgement on other’s actions.

Simply said, I loved it and the ending left me with my mouth open. I look forward to his next book.”

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Book Review And the Wolf Shall Dwell


Also, a very Nice Review at Shomeret, the Masked Reviewer’s blog, also of Blue Poppy Publishing: “I am happy to say that And The Wolf Shall Dwell confirms Blue Poppy’s publicity. It is a competently written novel with a suspenseful narrative.”

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Review of And the Wolf Shall Dwell

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