Great Kindle Giveaway Results

As some of you know, having followed my relentless plugging and newsletter, between 2/2 – 4/2 I’ve ran a free download eBook campaign of “And the Wolf Shall Dwell!.
This was done to commemorate my late grandma, Dvora’s would-be 100th birthday. My book is dedicated to Savta Dvora Shalem and I miss her dearly, this seemed like a good opportunity to celebrate her life.

I’m proud to say that the campaign had great results with a total of 794 downloads, The Wolf featuring as #2 bestseller Political thriller and #3 bestseller Spy thriller on Amazon Kindle.

best selling spythrille

I wanted to say thank you to all those who helped, pushed, Liked, RT’ed and shared, and of course downloaded. The success is all yours! Thank You, Merci, Toda! 

bestseller thriller best selling political thriller

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