Do you want to be a character in my next novel ??

Hi all,

Everyone who follows me knows that I am writing a second novel in the John / Grey universe. Though I have no idea when I will finish, I thought the bellow is a nice promo, considering the buzz that it generated the last time.

Anyone who has read or is reading “And the Wolf Shall Dwell” has encountered (or will encounter) a few minor characters: Roger Potter, Ido Yichie and Yan Liu. The three are real people who won the privilege to be in the book on the Wolf’s funding campaign.

So now, in an effort to getting reviews on Amazon. I’ll raffle 2 minor characters in the squel, which has the working title: “Terror Within: John Daniel Book 2”.

All you have to do is send me screenshot to showing your verified purchase review on or . The review doesn’t have to be positive, it only needs to be honest (and verified purchase). Apologies but if you already reviewed the book in an ‘unverified’ version, you’ll need to chip in another 4$ on Amazon so your review is verified, in order to participate. Apologies.
** [edit 19-Nov-17] exception: if you pre-ordered the book during my campaign, you’re eligible too. Just send me a screen shot of your unverified review – and you’ll be in!

I cannot guarantee a timeframe for this book to be ready, but I think it’s pretty nifty having your name in the book  … I promise not to kill you off 🙂

This promo ends when one of these two things will happen:
(1) We hit 100 reviews on

(2) I finished the manuscript 🙂

Good luck!

This is how a verified purchase review looks like:

6 thoughts on “Do you want to be a character in my next novel ??

  1. Well hell, I “bought” this on Kindle Unlimited, but Amazon is featuring my review as a verified purchase (which Amazon doesn’t do with NG reviews which makes no sense but that is a different story). I can certainly buy this again as reg. purchase, but I don’t know if that would change my review status to verified. Thoughts?

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