Book Update + PayPal issues resolved

Hi followers,

Two updates:
First, the book came back from my editor, Helen Baggott, and for a first read she has pointed a few important issues that I am currently working on.
Another decision that I’ve taken, after her first review, was to revert to British English. Since the book is coming out via a UK publisher, with only a handful of US re-orders, printing the book in American English seems weird, and renders Brit expressions a bit clicheic.

Second, you might have noticed that PayPal has gone offline for a week+. Well, all issues with PayPal has now been resolved, and we can now accept PayPal payments again.

One more thing – since you all subscribed to my feed on my old publisher’s site, I took the liberty of transferring this approval to this new platform, using the excellent SpecificFeeds to keep you updated. Should anyone have a problem with this, please simply unsubscribe and accept my apologies.

– Jon Dee

PS – don’t forget to Re-order… especially Patrons (I’m still 12 Patrons short of the original list) Thanks and happy holiday!

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